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Maják Slapy | Around the camp

Okolí kempu Maják Slapy

Excursion Tips

The area is located on the northern edge of the tourist region called Toulava, which spans the southern and central regions of Bohemia (from Sedlčansko to Táborsko). The region offers a wide range of attractions, catering to everyone's tastes, from hiking of various difficulty levels to historical sites dating back to ancient times, as well as entertaining and adrenaline-pumping activities.We offer the option to combine river cruises on the Vltava with hiking or cycling. For your entertainment and convenience, detailed descriptions of excursions, including navigation and necessary information such as opening hours, ticket prices, distances, parking facilities, etc., are available on-site. Your comfort is our top priority.

Drbákov-Albertovy Skály (Cliffs/ Rocks)

Drbákov - Albertovy skály

The Drbákov-Albertovy Skály National Nature Reserve is undoubtedly one of the most enchanting places in the middle of the Vltava River region. Part of the reserve includes a nature trail. Rewarding those who conquer the relatively challenging 8 km trail are the unparalleled views of the Vltava River canyon. Although the nature trail itself is often presented as unsuitable for young visitors due to its difficulty, some viewpoints can still be reached with children via the standard hiking trail.
Distance: 1 km (hiking)


Klackovo watering place / watering trough

Klackovo napajedlo

Secret miraculous spring, of which there are many in the surrounding forests, and their beneficial effects have been proven by long-term clinical tests. Possibility of healing, fulfillment of secret wishes, lifting effects, happiness, and last but not least, purification and refreshment.
Distance: 500 m (hiking)

Lookout Tower on Veselý Hill

Rozhledna na Veselém vrchu

Telecommunication tower (42 m) built at the turn of the millennium with breathtaking views of the river. On clear days, supposedly visible from here are the Alpine peaks, the Krkonoše Mountains, or the Šumava Mountains. Veselý vrch (Happy Hill) is the original site of gold panning. Until recently, there were considerations for gold mining using destructive technologies that would have devastated the entire area
Distance: 6 km (boat, hiking)


Slapy Rope Park

Lanový park Slapy

The rope park offers 3 rope courses of various difficulty levels, including the Zip Line route with 11 descents, a Baby Park for the youngest visitors, and a Junior Park for adolescents. The park was built in 2009 and is located approximately 100 meters from the banks of the Vltava River. Instruction is provided by experienced instructors who are happy to assist you in choosing the most suitable course.
Distance: 20 km (by car), 10 km (by boat)


Keltic Oppidum Hrazany

Keltské oppidum Hrazany

Although the Hrazany oppidum is less known in our country, it was definitely one of the top five most significant Celtic settlements of its time in the territory of our republic in terms of size and importance. The nature trail leads through relatively easy terrain, and you can smoothly continue to the ruins of Ostromeč Castle, which is located at the confluence of the Vltava River and the Mastník Stream.
Distance: 7 km (on foot)


Radíč Castle

Zámek Radíč

A neo-Baroque reconstruction of the original Gothic fortress, where especially young visitors can enjoy themselves during the tour. They have the opportunity to find treasure, try on historical costumes of princesses and knights, or decode a secret cipher.
Distance: 10 km (hiking or biking)



TEP faktor

"TEP factor" is a successful modification of the popular television show "Fort Boyard," where you and your team can test your wit, skill, observation, logic, and agility while completing challenging tasks within devilish time limits. The game is entertaining and surprisingly engaging for both children and adults.